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Madisonville Junior High School

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Welcome to Madisonville Junior High School Art!!
We have a great year ahead! Even though we are entering the "unknown" and things can and will change daily, just remember... This is an adventure! These years are ones "for the books"! You will never forget these crazy times, so let's just roll with it, and have fun, while we learn!
Mark Twain said, "The secret of getting ahead is getting STARTED." So let's go! 
In art you will learn about art history, the elements of art, principles of art, and experiment with several different art mediums! The students will practice and then complete final projects based on what they have learned. Everyone can enjoy art! I understand that all students do not have the same artistic ability. Thus, they will only be graded on their OWN best ability, not compared to that of another student! If you TRY for me, you will do well!
Art enriches your life, encourages the imagination, lets you express yourself, and allows you to view the world around you in so many ways! Art is therapy for the soul, and we need this in our lives, especially in these times.
You will find everything you need to know in "Mrs. Bennett's Classroom Information" that you receive the first day of school. This explains rules and procedures, the grading policy, required supplies, and consequences.
6th GRADE:   REMIND: @mjh6thgra
7th & 8th GRADES:     REMIND: @mjh7th8 
If you get your schedule early, then you can go ahead and get supplies! These supplies are required by the 2nd week of school. NOTE: They are not published on the MJH school supply lists because not all students have art class. 
Needed Supplies for ART:  Spiral bound sketchbook, 1 composition book, pencils (not mechanical)
Please let me know of any questions you may have! I am here for you and NEVER want you to panic, but expect you to be accountable!
Know that Mrs. Bennett loves you and is praying for you all. I hope that you are well, keeping safe, and growing in this time given to better know yourself, and our world. Find the positives, the blessings of every day, that we miss otherwise! 

Have a GREAT year!!!
Sincerely, Mrs. Catherine Bennett