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Madisonville Junior High School


Welcome to Art!!
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MCFA ART AUCTION is scheduled for May 14th! Please make sure that you have received the information from the ag extension office. If you do not have the info of how to participate and sell your artwork and let me know! I will send you the information.  it will be an online auction so you must submit pictures to them. 
To my sweet students during this trying time:
Please remember that art is also for personal reflection, expression, and Therapy. If you are feeling confused, frustrated, bored, or anxious, remember that art can come in very handy! Journal your thoughts and then doodle your emotions! Use this personal time to grab any paper and drawing medium you might have at home and try it! (pencils, ink pens, colored pencils, markers...)
Know that Mrs Bennett loves you and is praying for you all. I miss you so much and pray that you are well, keeping safe, and growing in this time given to better know yourself and our  world. Find the positives, the blessings that we miss otherwise! I hope to see you all soon.
Some assignments to try:
*Draw what you see! (Your room, step outside and draw the trees, draw tiny things large and work on details, draw one object in several different drawing mediums)

*Collage! Use old magazines, scissors, and glue or glue stick to cut letters, words, pictures, phrases to construct a collage on sheet of paper. A collage can be cut pieces glued into the shape of something (ex. ice cream cone, tree, flower, etc), or a collage can be ta dome and express a single word, feeling, or emotion (words and pictures glued randomly on paper)
*Paint it! If you have any kind of paint or watercolor, experiment with the medium! Set up a still life and paint away. Go outside, take a picture, and then paint inside at any time! Paint from your imagination! Find a picture on the internet you love and paint or draw it!! 
Send me any artwork you wish to share! 
 For fun drawings for the day or encouraging words, 
Join my Remind!
text  @c44ga6 to: 81010
In art we will learn about the principles of art, different art mediums, and experiment with each! The students will practice and then complete final projects based on what they have learned. Everyone can and should enjoy art! I understand that all students do not have the same artistic ability. Thus, they will only be graded on their OWN best ability, not compared to that of another student! If you try for me, you will do well!
Art enriches your life, encourages the imagination, and allows you to view the world around you in so many ways! Have fun!!!
Needed Supplies for ART: Spiral bound sketchbook, composition book
Please let me know of any questions you may have! Have a GREAT year!!!
Sincerely, Mrs. Bennett
Please make sure your student always has a sketchbook to work in every day! 
Projects This Year:
Nameplate & Design
What’s Behind the Door?
Valentine mixed media project (students used palette knife, acrylic paint, tints & shades tooled foil, glazing)
Georgia O’Keeffe chalk pastel Projects (oil pastel, pencil & charcoal, chalk pastel, watercolor)
Junior High Art Contest
Holiday group work sculptures  (class made sculpture & judged; winning class gets pizza party)
Artist Quote Mixed Media Project
Foil Sculptures
Color Wheel & Theory
Group Work: 5 part Creature & story
Artist of the Week (each week, open note test at end of 9 weeks)
Observation Drawings (backpack, shoe, etc.)
Contour Line/ Blind Contour Line Portraits